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Targeted performance enhancements to a KTM 350 XC-F produced a bike that can be competitive in a racing environment, as well as a leisurely weekend trip to the local trails, writes CW’s Brendan It's common knowledge that the KTM Twins are geared for Bonneville top-speed runs. Add to Cart Warp 9 Titanium Sprocket Bolt Set for Honda CRF250L 2013-2017. I left it in gear but sat on the bike with the rear brake on while I loosened it with a breaker bar. 350 EXC-F - KTM 350 EXC-F. Simply remove each original Nut and replace with the equivalent Racebolt part. D. Reader Interactions. This new generation of KTM chassis is by far the best yet and has us very excited to do some long-term testing! By the end of two days riding the all-new KTM SX-F and XC-F bikes, the 350 XC-F was one of our favorites for its ability to rip the off-road sections and still perform well on the motocross track. The KTM 300 is a series of 2-stroke enduro off-road motorcycles made by KTM. _____ A whole package of high-quality special options makes the KTM 350 EXC-F 2013 fit for this ruthless contest, in which more than half the starters bank on KTM every year. Torque to manufacturers original torque settings with a dab of medium strength thread locking compound and you are good to go! Precision machined and highly corrosion resistant. However, I splurged on a set of Haan Wheels hubs with a damped rear and Excel 18/21 A60 And out of interest how would adding teeth on the front back directly affect torque / top end. Front sprocket (14-tooth), Stealth rear sprocket (50-tooth). . bike Freeride 350. Currently running Stock sprocket configuration on a KTM 450 Exc (04) First Ride: 2016 KTM 350 EXC-F Dual-Sport Motorcycle the 2016 350 EXC gets a plastic skid plate and 2mm less offset for the 4mm-smaller front axle The orange rear sprocket is a nice touch Dirt Bike Chains and Sprockets. doesn't matter as much as the sprocket bolt torque Find great deals on eBay for ktm 450 rear sprocket. 00 gearing ratio or three rotations on the front for every one rotation on the rear. 49. 37 Warp 9 Titanium Rotor Bolt Kit for KTM 350 EXC-F 2012-2018. Maybe it would be better to compare it to the KTM’s it sits between in the Orange range. KTM wins every category at the Six Days in Italy. You can take this bike and ride it to your heart's content box stock. No longer do you have to deal with grip glue or wire, it takes just one bolt to remove and you’re all done – great stuff! We see Brembo brakes standard front and rear for 2017, along with Galfer wave discs to compliment those. 7 cc DOHC engine is spot on for any terrain and situation thanks to a new compact design, lightened camshafts, shorter Recently, the Dirt Rider Team asked Jay Clark, to turn a heavily used 2013 KTM 350 SX-F into a off-road, trail capable weapon. Removing the Front Sprocket on a 2015 KTM 350 XCF W G Stewart. For 2017 the KTM 350 SX-F now features ODI Lock-On grips, which is a great addition to the range. 4hrs low hours new chain and sprockets, front sprocket guard, skid plate, radiator guard, new handlebar grips, fork blow off air vavles, new battery, new air filter, fresh synthetic oil change, deleted emissions, tires and brakes are excellent the bike rips awesome on off dual sport bike that you can 2013 KTM 350xc-f Test Okay, I finally have the testing finished on the xc-f. Gear the bike for what you need with the rear sprocket and giver her hell. Best Prices. 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R. 350 EXC-F Six Days – only authentic with the orange powder-coated frame of the KTM Factory Team. For 2019, it has gained even more performance and torque, bringing it ever closer to the power of a 450, without losing its 250-like agility. Bikez. Pro Taper Race Spec Front Sprocket KTM/HQV. For the FREERIDE 350 there is also a suspension travel reduction kit in the KTM PowerParts accessory range to lower the seat height by another 25mm. Say you has a 3:00 ratio stock it will ask for old tire size in height and ratio 3:00 then it will ask new tire size 23 and tell you your new ratio with the tires is like a 2. Rear Sprocket Renthal Orange Fits all KTM SX/XC/XC-W/EXC/SMR U6951068 - 44T U6951069 - 48T U6906815 - 49T U6951070 - 50T (in stock) U6906816 - 51T U6951071 - 52T (in stock) Hardened steel rear sprocket, OEM quality. Going to a larger tire does the same as going to a smaller rear sprocket or larger front sprocket it will give you more speed but less torque. 2 cc (22. When KTM ’s 350cc project was announced, riders and the media were excited about the prospect of a lighter and easier to handle open-class machine. It has an exceptional power-to-weight ratio with torque similar to that of a 450, . Very similar to the 2015 FE, now getting some styling changes to the shrouds, front fender and headlight. Hope this helps. Adventure, Purity, Performance, Extreme - KTM is READY TO RACE. The sectioned model below should clarify this. KTM gave us our first look at what to expect in 2020 a couple months back with the introduction of its 450 Factory Edition. It has been developed under a joint programme of Bajaj and KTM engineers. 350 EXC-F EU Motorcycle pdf manual download. Anyone know the torque spec for the rear sprocket bolts? Can't find it in 2015 Husqvarna FE 350 front sprocket torque spec husqvarna FE 350 front sprocket (13T) torque specification @ - Husqvarna 2015 FE 350 question Torque settings required for rear sprocket nuts Post by MR C » Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:10 am Can anyone give me the NM torque settings for the 6 rear sprockets nuts on the 1290. Bikez has a high number of users looking for used bikes. For KTM, the best sellers within their impressively large enduro range for the past five or so years were always the 300 two-stroke and the 350 fours-stroke. $130. Ktm 350 four stroke. Based on the successful engine of the 350 EXC-F, the FREERIDE 350’s drive unit was optimized for a pleasant torque response instead of maximum power and has been developed still further by KTM for model year 2014. Also for: 350 efc-f aus, 350 xcf-w six days usa, 2014 350 exc-f six days, 2014 350 xcf-w. So let’s assume you have a 5 tooth front sprocket and a 10 tooth rear sprocket. 13 fortnightly and receive your order now. KTM’s 250, 350, 450 and 500cc thumpers all come with an “F” model designation on the end for 2017. KTM 350 Freeride 14-16 AFAM STD Size 12T Front Sprocket | eBay Skip to main content All other parts I guess wear much the same as any other bike. This type of build would be hard to do on a budget; as it took a ton Enduro 350 Motorcycles for sale 1989 KTM 350 Motorcross Bike. KTM becomes the first manufacturer to offer disc brakes front and rear. EXHAUST SYTEM . Aug 13, 2013 Use a small front sprocket (countershaft) or larger rear sprocket. More speed, smaller. Bikes with displacement larger than 560cc use a slightly thicker KTM front sprocket. $31. After you have torqued the left side pinch bolts you can fully torque the axle nut. Below is the official release of images and information on the complete line up of 2020 two-stroke and four-stroke motocross models. Click on "Specs" tap above for information about sprocket gear - How to work out the motorbikes front to rear sprocket gearing - To gear your motorbike the way you want it. If you weigh less than 190 pounds you will not be able to get any preload on the shock spring. In addition, KTM has set the rev-limiter at 10,000rpm – down from 13,400 in the SX-F variant – and fitted the Buy 1990 KTM 350 EXC Parts & Accessories at Solo Moto and get FREE SHIPPING, low prices and easy returns and exchanges. Apr 30, 2019 The KTM 350 SX-F continues to deliver a dominant mix of horsepower and agility . $74. We run the Ktm 350 four stroke. Also, like Grim Rider, I didn't use any when I tightened it. At this point, the front wheel, axle, nut, and collars have been tightened ktm-parts. We use our own and third party cookies in order to improve your experience and our service. KTM EXC countershaft bolt removal direction. 1987 Series production commences of the KTM 4-stroke engine (1 cylinder, 560ccm, overhead camshaft). Results 1 - 48 of 202 NEW KTM TORQUE WRENCH BOX KIT OEM (2-22 NM) 00029996000 NEW KTM SPARK PLUG SOCKET TOOL 250 350 SXF XCF XCFW EXCF . 1 pounds) and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. Location Colorado I purchased a spare wheel set over the winter. But a KTM 300 will lug like a tractor. The KTM 450 EXC model is a Enduro / offroad bike manufactured by KTM . Available in Parts  Feb 25, 2014 The ktm freeride 350 is an agile motorcycle built with reliability and The motorcycle rides on a front WP Suspension fork and a rear WP Suspension shock absorber. It is recommended to pay attention to the orentation of your used countershaft sprocket when you remove it. (Fits: KTM 350) Brand New I’ve just received my 16T front sprocket and went to swap it and I don’t have a socket to fit the front sprocket nut. 4. The KTM 350 SX-F continues to deliver a dominant mix of horsepower and agility. KTM started with the goal of building a mid-bore big bore, but the first year So against this backdrop of a new reality within the enduro market, the basics have however remained the same. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of . 17 KTM HUSQ AER Fork First Look 4CS Tuning Kit Preview The KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC 390 are 373. You don’t need massive torque to climb a hill. Ultra-compact, with 57. There was no locktite. (see gear ratio image) As an example, a 30 tooth rear sprocket and a 10 tooth front sprocket equals a 3. Oil is sealed at two points on the countershaft: Everything to the right of the lip seal (cream color) is submersed in oil. ENGINE. The 350 FE could be said to fit between the KTM 350XCF-W and the 350 XCF. This bike was designed to take on the 450 class and make use of its lighter weight and smooth power delivery to run circles around bigger bikes at various off-road events. A&E Racing & Marine 2019 KTM 350 SX-FSHREDDING WITH NIMBLE AGILITY The new KTM 350 SX-F continues to deliver a dominant mix of horsepower and agility. Click here to sell a used 2017 KTM 350 SX-F or advertise any other MC for sale. From new to 4750 miles I'm on my 5th rear tyre, 3rd front tyre, 3rd chain, 3rd front sprocket, 2nd rear sprocket, 2nd set of wheel bearings, 2nd set of brake pads, re-shimmed twice. 26, 2014 By Scott Rousseau, Photos by Josh Burns KTM’s 500 EXC is widely regarded as the current king of the mountain in the open dual-sport class, and it was praised for raising the bar in You don’t just become the best seller. The new gear this time includes an OEM Super Enduro rear sprocket with 45 teeth (compared to the OEM Adventure rear with 42T) and a DID 525ZVM2 X-ring chain. NEW orange front mask. If you are a noob the last thing you want is 300cc of 2 stroke. KTM 125 250 350 SX450 XCW FLO MOTORSPORTS 13T FRONT COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET See more like this KTM Chain and Orange Sprocket SXF 125 250 300 350 450 530 48T / 14T Gold D. 5 mm stroke and 88 mm bore, and equipped And the front sprocket is super easy. the FREERIDE 350's drive unit was optimized for a pleasant torque taller by replacing the 11-tooth chain sprocket with a 12-tooth one. Ride Impression: 2017 KTM EXC Range. The installation of a Dirt Trick’s countershaft sprocket is identical to the installation of an OEM front sprocket. KTM truly makes a lot of models! As you can see, pretty much every KTM smaller than 690cc from 1991 to present up to a 690cc uses our OB1 sprocket. Buy 2015 KTM 350 SX Parts & Accessories at Solo Moto and get FREE SHIPPING, low prices and easy returns and exchanges. KTM REAR SPROCKET 42-T 690 Enduro R OEM Part #75010051042. Racebolt Sprocket Nut Kits contain all the necessary parts to replace the OEM nuts. 2014 KTM Freeride 350 Totalmotorcycle. of a corner two gears higher than you ought without a problem. When that component is installed under a tightened counter-shaft bolt, it is taken well beyond it’s “yield” or “elastic” limit and permanently deforms. A damped rear hub will counter this problem and also ease out the impact throughout transmission in general. This is a second-generation machine that KTM Front Sprockets and Oil Leakage: There seems to be a number of myths floating that associate certain front sprockets with oil leakage on KTM four-strokes. You have to earn it, and the KTM 350 EXC-F has done just that - with mud, sweat and gears. See effect on RPM & Speed when changing sprockets. Also, it will be a bitch to get the right tension. Less top-end surge than before due to lower rev ceiling. More info. Power capacity is one of the major hurdles EV bikes have to overcome, and KTM seeks to address that issue with its newest electro-tastic Freeride E-XC. CHRISTINI KTM 350XC-F 2-WHEEL-DRIVE. This season I would like to explore the idea of swapping the rear tire / wheel only to better match my ride technical dirt days / DS days with canyon carvering slab sections and dirt sections. So I knew the day would come sooner rather than later. January 2, 2014 Suspension Videos, Video. 2012 KTM 350 XCF-W Review Not only is the 350 XCF-W more stable and solid feeling than KTM’s two-stroke XC models, it’s also got the best brakes in the business. I just replaced my front sprocket. com Features and Benefits. View and Download KTM 350 EXC-F EU owner's manual online. I'll be doing it when my chain gets near to needing replacing. I. (front) sprocket on the 03 KTM 450 EXC turned to remove it? 60 Nm torque to spec. Ironman Rear Sprockets: Dirt Tricks Ironman sprockets is the only sprocket manufacturer that has one-year guarantee. For a fully street legal emission and sound complaint bike, you have to give KTM credit for getting a 100% rideable package right off the showroom floor. KTM FRONT BRAKE HOSE SX SXF XC XCF XCW EXC MXC EXCG FE . How to Install a KTM/Husaberg Front Axle. You can list all 2017 KTM 350 SX-F available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. holding the front sprocket on my 2015 KTM TORQUE WRENCH BOX (00029996000) - KTM. Just snapped the bolt holding the front sprocket on my 2015 KTM500exc. NEW front sprocket fixation uses screw and diaphragm spring  Which bike would you say has more torque to climb a steep hill while tractoring up? at lower speeds the 4 stroke? at higher speeds a 2 the front page of the internet. Some of it was simply because KTM let me keep the bike longer, but much of it is also because I was on the fence as to just how much KTM Akrapovic Racing Line System 350 EXC-F 2017 Front wheel repair kit; more power & torque, uncompromising race bike looks, substantial weight savings I just replaced my front sprocket. It’s a bit Motorcycle Speed & RPM calculator with bike presets for gearing, sprockets, ratio, tyres, chain, RPM. . Bike Torque Racing accepts no responsibility or liability for import duties, and they are not included in our prices. The KTM450 had near enough 500 hours on it and a lot of them were racing hours, so it was on borrowed time really. 2013 KTM 350EXC-F Six Days Features and Benefits. Lasts at least 3 times longer than any other aluminum sprocket Half the weight of a normal steel sprocket. Ian Wall owns the world's only two-wheel-drive KTM 350, and he offered it to RUST for a day to try it out for ourselves, on a slippery Dorset test track. Warp 9 Adjustable Torque Spoke Wrench Kit. Skip to content. First at the O-ring. 48. I'm an old vet rider trying on different bikes, I went from a 14 YZ450, back to my trusty 11 KX250 (I could simply ride faster on it), now I'm trying to strike the iron in the middle with my 16 KTM 350 SXF. in the short time that the 350 has been on this earth. Loading Unsubscribe from G Stewart? KTM 350 EXC-F Valve Clearance Check - Duration: 11:48. 6 Orange for KTM 250 EXC 1998-2005. 350 SX-F. Production of 98,000 radiators, 93,700 bicycles, 12,600 mopeds and 10,600 motorcycles. I would avoid going down on the front on a bike this small. 9 silver zinc plated carbon steel sprocket bolts with (6) factory style mechanical-locking “Fuji” nuts. Hi all Bike 2014 ktm 350 xcf-w. The power-to-weight ratio of the new 349. 71. In this version sold from year 2010 , the dry weight is 113. $120. Fired up for 2018 and due in dealerships very soon, KTM have merged the KTM FREERIDE 350 and 2-stroke KTM FREERIDE 250 R into a potent single KTM FREERIDE 250 F with a newly developed, state-of-the-art 250cc DOHC 4-stroke engine based on the power plant of the competition Enduro KTM 250 EXC-F. The standard size KTM front sprocket we offer fits all these models up to the 560 SMR. Front Wheel Installation - Tech. In designing the exhaust system, the engineers focused on low noise and emissions as well as great rideability with heaps of smoothly delivered torque. The stock 48 N/m shock spring is too stiff for anyone under 190 pounds. The dominance with which this machine has won one world championship title after another is certainly unrivaled The front sprocket may start to wear out the countershaft, causing it to eventually fail. In order for the rear sprocket and wheel to rotate once, the front sprocket has to rotate twice. For every 1 tooth you change on the front, it is the equivalent to changing 3-4  If you plan to keep your KTM four-stroke for many seasons this product is well worth the 2018 KTM 350 EXC-F I bought the domed washer and countershaft sprocket and they are of superior material After you have tighten the bolt to the factory torque specs the spring washer should not spin freely on the sprocket. KTM 125 250 350 SX450 XCW FLO MOTORSPORTS 13T FRONT COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET See more like this KTM SX125 SX250 SX350 SX450 XCW FLO MOTORSPORTS 13 FRONT COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET (Fits: KTM) Brand New KTM 125 250 350 SX450 XCW FLO MOTORSPORTS 13T FRONT COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET See more like this KTM SX125 SX250 SX350 SX450 XCW FLO MOTORSPORTS 13 FRONT COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET (Fits: KTM) Brand New View and Download KTM 350 EXC-F EU owner's manual online. REAR 52T SPROCKET KTM 125 200 250 300 350 400 450 Front 46T Rear Sprocket Kit For What would the geared top speed be with the 16T at the front, And if I wanted it the geared top speed to be 280kmh, what sprocket do I need at the rear , Know I know it would be very prone to wheelie with more teeth at the back but it doesn't bother me at all. not to carry any load- modest torque SOURCE: 2011 KTM 250 SXF will not idle Hi, Anonymous if your bike has been sitting idle for months or years and you did not do any pre-storage maintenance I feel your pain it will probably have a dead battery and not want to start or if it starts it will idle and run poorly, here are the following steps necessary to complete in order to get your bike back to an acceptable running condition. NEW orange anodized rear sprocket. I actually spent far more time riding than I originally anticipated. You need power that pulls. KTM introduced the 350 XCF-W ($9149) as a new model for 2012 with the goal of becoming the premier four-stroke trail machine. Tooth Quantity: 14. In real laymen’s terms, this is the ratio of how many times the drive sprocket (front) has to turn before the driven sprocket (rear) turns once. I have been going to Firestorm for over 6 years and would not go anywhere else Great friendly staff , always helpful , parts at a great price. Sorry for the stupid question guys but does anyone know the torque spec for the 16 350 front sprocket? I cant find it in the owners manual and my workshop CD is nowhere to be found. Front Sprocket - Part Number KTM-14 (KTM14) by Dirt Tricks. Thats it. This is a step_ by_step How-to on replacing the chain and sprockets on a 2003 KTM 950 Adventure, but the same principles apply to all chain driven motorcycles. Mar. Ads are free. Titanium Front sprocket Bolts for All 125, 250, 300 2 stroke and all 250, 350, 450 and 525 four Torque to the OEM fastener spec for the bolt being replaced. See effect on needed sprocket distance, chain lenght and # links. Fits all 950/990 Adventure, 990 Super Duke, 950 Supermoto The HexLock design makes sure 100% of drive line torque and power is relayed to the rear wheel. 6th gear is so tall, that I barely use it for my style of riding anyway, so I’m not that concerned about the top end. 77 cu in) displacement single-cylinder engine motorcycles assembled by Bajaj Auto, and KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. KTM 350EXC DUAL SPORT REPORT. I was a little surprised that the 350 doesn't pull a bit harder. What is a KTM 350? KTM 350 XC Dirt Bike: With the arrival of the new generation 350 XC-F the success story can continue. I have noticed the manual for the KTM specifies a torque of 240odd Nm for the front sprocket bolt - I am wondering how this is acheived? I have a torque wrench that goes to 108Nm and it requires me to hang off the end of it, and then I only get 80Nm of torque into it with the bike in gear and someone sitting on it with brakes applied hard. com - KTM 350 SX-F Chain & Sprockets. To find the best dual-sport bikes for anywhere and everywhere, we test four 450-class machines: Beta 430 RR-S, Honda CRF450L, Husqvarna FE 450, KTM 500 EXC-F. If the chain snaps while riding not only does your Moto or riding day end but, though it's rare, the it can whip you in the back so perform a visual inspection of the chain and sprockets before every ride. ·The powerful KTM 350 EXC-F engine fitted with its 6-speed transmission and electric unrivaled torque and a super agile chassis But KTM (as did Husqvarna) rebuked that idea a long time ago by offering what many believe are the first true off-road dual-sport bikes, and now KTM has taken the dirt in dual-sport another step further after introducing its latest range of dual-sport bikes: the 2017 250, 350 and 500 EXC-Fs. 2014. Too small a front sprocket will cause the chain to tighten up and create premature wear. It has an exceptional power-to-weight ratio with torque similar to that of a 450, without losing its 250-like agility. The nimble but powerful bike comprises of almost as much power as a 450, but with the agility of a 250 – so the basic idea is easily summarized, and has been a concept with success from the start. Front Sprocket is built from an ultra-hard tool steel. 2+ and a new chain. Something of a hybrid between a dual-sport bike and an adventure bike, the KTM 690 Enduro R is truly as at home on the street as it is the dirt. Owners, desirers and news about KTM Super Twins. This will ensure your new Dirt Trick’s sprocket is installed correctly. So, opposite of what you would do on the front. 9 kg (251. Make 4 interest-free payments of $87. 39. RACE-PROVEN CREDENTIALS 450 EXC-F Six Days 2020 The 2014 350 FE was the Husaberg rebadged. Get the 350 they are made to rev to the moon and still pull power. Can anyone confirm the size before I head to Halfords tomorrow to pick one up? 32mm??? Also anyone able to confirm torque spec for the front sprocket nut?? Snapped front sprocket bolt - 2015 KTM 500 EXC. ENGINE 2020 KTM 350 SX-F. Hello all, I just got my frist KTM a couple of weeks ago, and I am very happy so far ! I find the Will the bike a loose a lot of torque with a 14 tooth front sprocket? Will I notice I ride a 2012 350 XCF-Wstock gearing is 13/52. 2013 KTM exc-f 350 excellent condition 35. Also, the rear sprocket may be easier to change. To turn the rear sprocket once, the counter shaft sprocket has to spin the number of times in the "Ratio" column. Forum Main Moto-Related Dropping 1 tooth in front want this to turn into another "ktm 350 gearing" thread. A 1 tooth on the rear is not as much of a change as 1 tooth on the front. A worn out drive train on your dirt bike not only affects performance but can be dangerous. Made exclusively for KTM by Renthal, these orange anodized rear sprockets are used by the KTM Race Teams. Shop with confidence. Also for: 350 exc-f aus, 350 xcf-w usa, 2012 350 exc-f six days, 2012 350 xcf-w. One-Year Warranty - MADE IN THE USA Snapped front sprocket bolt - 2015 KTM 500 EXC remember the book says it's 44 foot pounds of torque at least for my 350. Quick View. I originally had a KTM damped rear wheel, which works fine. Not Available Dirt Tricks KTM Countershaft Dome Washer KTM Front Sprockets and Oil Leakage: There seems to be a number of myths floating that associate certain front sprockets with oil leakage on KTM four-strokes. Going up 2 on the rear is always a good mod. May 24, 2019 Jay Clark built a 2019 KTM 350 XC-F project bike, and we rode it on A Blais Racing clutch weight was also used to give the KTM more of a torque feel down low. (KAMMI) for the Austrian manufacturer KTM. So, if you want more torque, the a larger rear sprocket. Dirt Tricks Countershaft Dome Washer for KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Beta Our testing has determined that the OEM dome washer is made of mildly heat treated material. KTM 450 EXC Rebuild: last update: 16/08/2010 It's Finished! photo album. It was more 250 like than 450 like, in my opinion. Shock spring. 5 out of 5 Warp 9 Rim - Front 36 Spoke Hole, 21 x 1. Put the "T" back in torque by shortening up the gearing a bit with this 16T dampened countershaft sprocket. Just wondering if there is a difference in the sensation/feel of torque in the 2k-5k rev range? Bolt Hub Protector Sprocket Bolt Kit for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna This sprocket bolt kit includes (6) class 10. 1988 1. biz has an efficient motorcycle classifieds. The power of a 450! The handling of a 250! With peak power of more than 45 hp, the KTM 350 EXC‑F is mixing it with the E2 class. They are the KTM also tried sleeving down their 500mxc cc two-stroke to 350 cc calling it the 350mxc, but the left side (rebound in one fork and compression in the other) with the ability to make adjustments on the fly, and a smaller front axle. KTM Super Twins Forum. Use a grease pen to mark where your axle is currently adjusted to. Improved torque in lower RPMs from previous 350. ENGINE Strong torque is delivered across an extremely wide rev range in a smooth and effortless KTM's profilation of this bike: With the arrival of the new generation 350 SX-F the success story can continue. The steel teeth also offer offer greater life for your whole system. ktm 350 front sprocket torque

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